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A quarterly journal that serves as a repository for the very best of African American preaching and provides practical and creative resources for persons in ministry.
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Pain On the Way to Purpose
by Pastor Maurice Watson
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Pastor Maurice Watson

Pain On the Way to Purpose
Rev. John E. Guns

Test Is My Promotion
Rev. Lance W. Watson

God Will Bring Me Out Of This
Dr. Claudette Copeland

“The Ministry of the Holy Spirit”
Rev. Frank A. Thomas

God Do It
Rev. Otis Moss III

The Cost of Discipleship Part 2: Christ, Community, and My Culture
Dr. Gardner Taylor

An Interview with Dr. Gardner Taylor for TAAP
Dr. John E. Guns

The Anatomy of Radical Faith
Dr. F. Bruce Williams

Dance Like David
Rev. Joseph Lowery

Obama and Our Future
Evangelist Sandra Riley

My Destiny Is Calling Me Out of This Pit

Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby (An Open Letter To Mr Obama)
Sermon Snippets from the Web

Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby (An Open Letter To Mr Obama)

Bishop G.E. Patterson, Dawn of a New Day

Dr. Ralph D. West Sr. video 3.

B.W. Smith – Watch Them Dogs Part 3

Evangelist Joyce Rodgers – There’s a Shifting Going On

Rev. W. Leo Daniels – You can Survive the Fiery Furnace

Dr. Darlene Allen Nichols: I’ve Been Chosen for this! Pt 2.

Prophetess Janet Floyd – Pt 4

Rev. Rita Twiggs

Rrev. Clay Evans

Charles Jenkins

Dr. Frank E. Ray

Rev. W. Leo Daniels

Bishop Millicent Hunter

Wanda Frazier Parker

Evang.Vandalyn Kennedy

Rev. Jerry Black

Rev. Marcus Cosby

Rev. John R. Adolph

Rev. E.V. Hill

Rev. Robert Smith

Rev. F.D . Sampson

Rev. William T. Glenn

Rev. C.A.W. Clark

Bishop G.E. Patterson

Rev. Ralph D. West Sr.

Evangelist Debbie Teasley

Rev. Broderick Rice – Comedian

Rev. Maurice Watson

Rev. Lance Watson

Minister Jennifer Carner

Moses probably would not have heard God had he not been on the backside of the desert. God calls us at times way over in life to tell us that our dreams are to come true.

Sandy F. Ray
Great Revivalists I Winter - 2001-2002
First, I read my Bible until a text gets hold of me. Then I go down to the James River and walk in it. Then I get into my pulpit and preach it out.

John Jasper (1812-1901), describing his sermon-making
"The History Corner" Feature - Spring 2001
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